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Adidas Product Adidas Logo adidas and it´s quality and sense for fashion and style is established in 1949. adidas is also my longest sponsor and faithful partner along my way. I never regred the descision to ride for adidas. I don´t think there is any sponsor who can help you out with that much awesome stuff to wear.
Beddo Product Beddo Logo As i founded Beddo, I started to build the bikes exactly as i wanted them to be. All the parts that are available of Beddo are build on my bike and it just fits perfect to my kind of riding.
O´Neal Product O´Neal Logo Riding is the faszination of crashing and trying again. A guy touching the fire and burn themself wouldn´t touch the fire again. This is the difference to our sport. Try and error is something that comes around on the way to perfection. I´m glad to got a great protection partner helping me to decrease my days of injuries.
Marzocchi Fork Martocchi Logo The fork is one of the most important products on a bike. If the fork doesn´t feel good the whole bike feels unridable. That´s why I´m even more happy to ride for Marzocchi who serves me with awesome DJ1 forks to make my bike as good as possible and ready to compete.
Trixer Product Trickstuff Logo Trickstuff invented the first ever hydraulic gyro and it´s still the one that works the best. There are a lot more professional riders trusting the Trickstuff Trixer to put together a winning run without taking care about a to short cable.
Assembly Industries Hubs Assembly Industries Logo I tried long to find the perfect Hubs for me. They need to be strong and light. Finally found Assembly Industries that just work out perfect and looking simple and beautyful.
Reell Jeans Product Reell Jeans Logo Riding means crashing from time to time. Walking around as a homeless guy with ripped jeans is cool as long as you don´t get stock in parts of the wheel or meet your grandma. Reell Jeans builds the jeans for me that got a long lifetime and that looks good for girls and grandmas.
Schwalbe Product Schwalbe Logo I ride the Schwalbe Furious Fred since 2009 and it´s simply the best tire i´ve ever tried. Light, grippy and works perfect for most of the undergrounds.
NC-17 Product NC-17 Logo If you got a photoshoot or contest you need to ride, no matter if it´s sunny or raining. If you don´t got enough grip on your pedals you slipp away on your easiest tricks. If you got to much grip, you cann´t adjust your feet when you stept on the pedals the wrong way. A good pedal is hard to find. Luckly i got mine now: NC-17 Sudpin III S-Pro