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Since i started to be a professional athlete (16), show riding was always a part of my career. I did some good shows, some great shows and some shows that sucked from the first minute. Over the years i get a pretty good feeling about what is important to do a good bike riding show, which impresses the audience and sets everybody around in a good mood.
In 2007 we came up with the idea to do a roadtrip only payed by show riding. We went across germany with a Ford Transit from 1979 and a mobile ramp, to stop in pedestrian areas, build our ramp and celebrate a show. With the collected money by the audience we payed our food and filled our fuel-guzzling car, that causes us some troubles. We found out, that everybody no matter if he is into bike riding or if he hasn´t ever see a guy jumping with a bike is impressed by a bike show. We made it through germany in 7 days ending up at the north sea. This is the whole video of it btw: Adidas TorTour 2007
Where ever you got an event and need some action of professional bike riding athletes, let us know and we going to create a show just for your requirements.

Holy Festival Hof

Pic by: Jan Faßbender

Games-Com Leipzig

Pic by: NPJ

Athens Bike Festival

Pic by: Niko Rigas

Urbanatix Show Bochum

Pic by: Tim Magduschweski

Cape Epic Süd Afrika

Pic by: NPJ

Sattel-Fest Welver

Pic by: Wolfgang Huesch