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Our new Trailer for the Urbanatix Show last fall just went online. It's a 6 minutes clip with some quotes to give you a opinion how it works backstage and what the people thought about the show. Also including some clips of the show itself.

The video was edited by Dustin Janczewski / Captured Heroes.

Great work!


Was searching in the internet for some obsticals i was riding in the past and came across our project we did back in 2011. Was a great time and a great Roadtrip with Peter Henke and Laura Brethauer. Awesome to see this years later and refresh the memories!


Gallery Shot

Happy about this shot from a nice golden session last fall. This month, the picture is printed in the german Mountainbike Rider Magazine as a double page shot.


Pic by: Tim Korbmacher


Broken Foot

Unfortunately broke my foot on my last Night of the Jumps Show training. So acctually i was supposted to hang around on the left side, but instead i need to spend some time in the bed and keep on studying.

Wish my friends a great show and an awesome time! I will be back in now time and stronger than before!



Sandro Szukat of Ridingspirit just finished editing our video project "a different view". Find the video and some pictures over here:


Urbanatix Onstage


There we are! It's time for Urbanatix again! The stage is looking just awesome with the sunlight, but what is happing at night is just insane. Come over for a visit and enjoy our show with lots of dancing, tricking and of course bike riding.


Pic by: Urbanatix Streetart & World Artistic



Finally had the time to finish editing our video of our Trip to Italy. There it is!


Picture of the Day

Today i got the picture of the day on Pinkbike. The pictures was made at 6:30 in the morning on our Roadtrip in Italy. The sun was just perfect at this time. Pretty weird feeling to go crazy on the jump on this time of the day:

Pic by: Jan Fassbender


Urbanatix Crew

Urbanatix will start in 2014 again and the crew is ready to shred! Feel free to visit the Urbanatix page to inform yourself about what's going on at this show:



Made a GoPro Clip of a session on my local spot today in the woods. Just about to start filiming for my end of the season clip!


Mountainbike Rider Cover

Pretty happy to get the cover shot of the Mountainbike Rider Magazine this month. It features a picture of a Flair on our Roadtrip through Italy in August. Get your copy in your local magazine shop!


Pic by: Jan Fassbender


Night of the Jump Cologne

Today we are at night of the Jumps in Cologne. A big Motocross Show and with a awesome crew!



Straight from Athens i went for the Sam Pilgrims Big Air Invitational to celebrate an awesome bike show for the audience in Birmingham. This is the roughly filmed highlight clip.


Show Greece

There we are once again. In the middle of Athens at the Athens Bike Festival. Having an awesome time over here and some great shows. Cann't wait for next year, and the year after, and after, and after...





Officially finished my bachelor management studies! Stoked to have this chapter done!


Videoshoot with Ridingspirit

Went for a filming session today with Sandro Szuzak of Ridingspirit today and made it to get some sick shots. Looking forward for the upcoming video!


Pic by: Riding Spirit


RedBull District Ride

The RedBull District Ride is taking place in Nürnberg this year for the forth time and it's my second time commentating it for 80.000 spectators. Just a great time hang around here and be part of this big MTB celebration!


Italien TripLukas Knopf and myself are visiting our italien boys Torquato Testa and Diego Caverzasi in Italy at the moment. Today we found this awesome spot in the middle of the deepest woods. The locals made a great job, building a oven out of dirt and some incredible lines for us to enjoy. Such a sick day!


Pic by: Jan Fassbender


Heroes of Dirt

A great contest went down in Gernsheim last weekend and i could made it to win again! Pretty happy about my results lately. Seems like this is a great year for me!


Pic by: Nico Gilles


Winning DOWMade it to win the FMB-Event Dudelangen on Wheels contest in Luxembourg this weekend.


All In One - A German Mountainbike Movie [Full Movie] from

Finally here it is. The full-movie of All-in-One by El Flamingo Videoproduction. Lean back and enjoy!


Rider of the DaySuper stoked to win the rider of the day award at RedBull wild ride in Slovenia. Had a sick day at the comp and all the sick riders! Hope to get back there next year again!


Pic by: Miha Matavz


Flip Nohand DirtmastersJust came across this picture of my winning run at the Dirtmasters Festival!

Pic by: Fletsphotographie


Win Dirtmasters Festival

Just won the Slopestyle Contest of the Dirtmasters Festival. One of the biggest Contests in Germany and right after my 6 weeks injury! Super happy about this success and great to be back on my beloved bike!

Also check out the german TV-Clip and my video in the end:


How-to DVDCheck out Beddo's How to Streetriding DVD. Featuring 16 basic streetmoves and how you will successfully clear your first jump.

Get it on:



Beddo is taking care about your new Bar! Go and win a limited edition bar in a sick new chrome color!

Video: Ingo Mahlitz / Loniac


Backflip TailwhipSuperseater BoppardAmir Kabbani (GER), Loek Quadflieg (NED) and myself had a great spring session in Boppard, near Koblenz.


Thanks to Carla Gnedinger for these pictures!


Witten DiggingHad a great day in the woods, digging and finally ride our favorite handmade line! Just a great thing to see!


Beddo Winter Edit from Image Captors

My friend Aidan Horn and me went for a winter session. Pretty good stuff went down and we had the chance to save some clips by Image Captors.


POV on Pinkbike

Super happy to get the picture of the day on Pinkbike!


Pic by: Jan Faßbender


Danny MacAskill Show

Just went for commentating a show with trail superstar Danny MacAskill in Munich and had lot of fun doing it.

Pic by: Holger Lehne / Messe München


Captured Heroes guy Dustin Janczewski just finished filming and editing a video about

We (Aidan Horn, Loek Quadflieg and myself) went for a short trip to Halberstadt to visit Ludwig Jäger in his own skatepark HarzRoll. This is the video, filmed and cutted mainly by Ludwig Jäger himself!



East-Germany Trip


Photographer Jan Faßbender just published one of our shots on a trip to the east of germany the last summer. Pretty stoked on that one!


Wintersession: Marius Hoppensack & Aidan Horn from Captured Heroes on Vimeo.

Captured Heroes guy Dustin Janczewski just finished filming and editing a video about our digging session with a 15 tons digging maschine under a bridge in Oberhausen. Stoked about the dirt session with Beddo rider Aidan Horn as well!



Tom He cutted a video from a trip to Greece and Beddo rider Tony Baude and Marius Hoppensack and Beddo friend Ludwig Jäger. Including some show and streetriding last fall


All In One - Mountainbike Movie [Official Teaser] from El Flamingo Films on Vimeo.

Film crew El-Flamingo just uploaded his first Teaser of the full video All-in-One being released this summer.


MBike Cover


Stoked about my cover on the current MBike Magazine.

Pic by: Jan Faßbender