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Anton Thelander, Max Fredriksson, Carlo Dieckmann and Marius Hoppensack went for a trip to Japan. The european guys get introduced to the japanese kind of living, build a bikepark, celebrated the first slopestyle contest in Japan and went for some never seen spots on the asian island.
This is the first documentary clip of their trip filmed and edited by Ingo Mahlitz / Loniac

360ties featuring Marius Hoppensack Für die Session mit dem Biker Marius Hoppensack wurde die von 360ties entwickelte "360ties One-Shot Mobil-Lösung" eingesetzt. Schau doch mal selbst wie es abläuft!
The first mountainbike production of Peoplegrapher guy Lukas Tielke called Dirty Dreams. This is my part in the whole movie.

A skatepark tour from the south to the north of germany in the winter days 2009. With Marius Hoppensack, Hendrik Tafel, Felix Rosendahl, Patrick Schweika, Carlo Dieckmann and many more.

Filmed by Peoplegrapher by Lukas Tielke

Awesome day in the life of Marius Hoppensack with a Warmup session at his homespot, miniramp battle with Hendrik Tafel over the roofs of Wuppertal, trail riding at the huge, jumps in Witten with Jonas Berndt, finally a photoshoot with Felix Rosendahl with an epic sunset atmosphere

Filmed and edited by Lukas Tielke / Peoplegrapher

A trip to Thailand to find the perfect background for a photoshoot with Marius Hoppensack, Marc Rüsing, Benny Korthaus.

Filmed by Manuel Rueda edited by Lukas Tielke / Peoplegrapher

Beddo owner Marius Hoppensack and Beddo Rider Iven Ebener in another kind of living.

Filmed and edited by Ingo Mahlitz / Loniac

Presenting the new Beddo NEAT Frame.

Big thanks to the Cadillac guys, Christian and Sebastian!

Film and Cut by: Stefan Pusch / Ingo Mahlitz / Loniac