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Marius Hoppensack Biography

As far as i can imagine i was loving to ride my bike. Wherever i wanted to go i used my bike. This even doesn´t end up, when i started my sailing career when i was 7 years old. I competed in a lot of sailing-races, traveled to the european championships and Profile-Piccame second on the german sailing championship when i was 14. At that time i was already addicted to Freestyle Mountainbiking and spend every day on my bike when i wasn´t on my boat.
When I was 15, I stopped sailing and focussed on Mountainbike riding. When i was 16, i get my first contract with Adidas and several more sponsors, who helped me to travel the world and compete in a lot of competitions while finishing my school in the age of 19. Since than i spend the whole day just riding bikes and working on my bike performance. I made it to win 78% of the contests that i was competing in, in this year. I also won the so called "German Slopestyle Championship" at the Dirtmasters Festival in Winterberg.

While a smaller knee injury i got the time to think about, what i wanted to do. I was always hungry for learn more things and started learn programming websites and invented my first Marius Hoppensack Website, which won a commercial for Strato internet-hostings. In 2009, when I was 21, my Bikebrand Beddo was founded, which came up with the first series of parts in 2010. That was also the year, where i had a really bad knee injury, which gave me some more time to think about, what i wanted to do with my life. I signed in at my local university to study economics. As i couldn´t ride for a couple of month, i decided to commentate some competitions, that i was supposed to ride in. This worked out pretty good and helped me to be to voice of the biggest german events in the Freestyle Mountainbike world.
When i was able to ride my bike again i made the decision to just ride one more contest, which i wanted to win and than keep focussing more on my studies, Beddo projects and organizing roadtrips all around the globe. I made it to win this Homegrowntour Contest and so i stopped riding contest, just going for photoshoots and video projects.
In the age of 25 i finished my Bachelor of Economic studies, my knee is fully recovered and i´m feeling the addiction to bikeriding. Wondering how this gone end up..