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Beddo is the completely addiction to bike riding. I always thought about what i could change on my bike to make it better ridable for me. I tryed to come up with some new ideas on my bikesponsors to create some new parts and was interested about all the things that it deals with.
In 2010 Beddo came up with it´s first Bikeparts designed exactly how i think they should look like.
Since today, Beddo is still trying to find new solutions for the bikeparts that work out the best they could every single day. Therefor i test prototypes on my own and use the help of Beddo Teamriders to proof the performance of the parts. We try to discuss about our needs and the needs of a costumer, to create an affordable bike which is able to win contests and work out on an everyday riding session.


Beddo Frame

Pic by: Tim Dalhoff